Right now

CSS :has() is 🤯.

Struggling with a 5 minutes IA talk.

<3 West Indies Porter.

Talking with Antoine.

Speaking in Varia.

Listening to Live at La Chapelle. Capsizing.

Writing another e-mail, the twelfth for today. This one is rather complex.

Considering rightnow. The right name is full stop.

Considering rightnow. The necessity to put a dot at the end of each entry.

Ending a telephone call from Istanbul.

Going back to Instagram (not in my name).

Giving a try to Monaspace .

Eleven in the morning. First checkbox in my todolist.

It took me one hour and a half just to delete useless e-mails.

Starting Caps Lock, by Ruben Pater, lent by Yuyuan.

Speaking to my dear students.

Reading Daniel Glazman biography.

Spliting my brain in too much parts.

Waiting to start my car with jumper cables.

Discovering DoubleZero foundry two faces, Wagram and Hypercube.

I put it in colors.

Hyperlink Academy is a nice collaborative tool.

Reading The Unbearable Lightness of Web Pages where Joel Dueck imagined web books.

Trying to put an end to a blog post that's been going on for too long.

Also, I found The Literary Style of Alt-Text .

Trying to understand why federated wikis idea failed.

Chocolator !

Coffee, python, radio, Saturday.

Explaining to her what is this small piece of software ( rightnow ).

Having a beer with my daughter (she drinks apple juice).

Understanding how to cd in a bash script.

Back from school, happy that at least one of my students will find my last piece of doc useful…

Lost in Cyberspace.

Experienced a clever tool to cleanup directories: ncdu .

Also, find . -name "*.psd" -type f -delete .

Remue-ménage in ateliers.esad-pyrenees.fr . Removed a lot of archives, mostly tif, psd and so on…

Don't know how I could possibly look at all the «a website as…” proposals, there are so many hypotheses to choose from.

BeautifulSoup + HTML Tidy are almost perfect.

Losing more time.

Losing time.

Mental digressions around personal knowledge management (wikis, digital gardens, note-taking).

Coding a routine for now.py.

I reassure myself.

I hesitate.

I wonder if I can publish an update to /now from my console?